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  • Would you ask Gandhi what item from your to-do list you accomplished after an hour of meditation?
  • Post author
    Lindsay Krauss

Would you ask Gandhi what item from your to-do list you accomplished after an hour of meditation?

It's been a bad week.  Even us big retailers have bad weeks where the business seems hopeless, we feel like we aren't making progress, we get a bad email or we are fighting internally (this happens a lot in a family business)... and in a really crappy week all of these things happen at once.  Oh yeah, and I am getting married in a month. (insert swear word here).

When life's stresses pile up and I become unbearable to myself and those around me, my glorious sister (who has a way with words) tells me to "go sit by myself in my poopy diaper by myself".  And so the first half of this week, that is what I did.  None of my family members would play with me, no one wanted to talk to me and there I sat.  So I decided to pick up my rug hooking.

A question we are often asked in the rug hooking world is what do I make with this? It's not large enough to be an area rug and not small enough to be a coaster.  But after this week I realized, that maybe you do not need to make anything with it... maybe it is the process of creating that is, in fact, the gift. In this utilitarian day and age we are constantly needing to create a purpose for everything and needing to know what we have accomplished. But why, the Yogi asks? After an hour of meditation, would you want to know what you accomplished during that hour?  Would you be wondering which item from your daily to-do list you checked off? No, because that is not the purpose.

"One conscious loop - pulled up and then the next - is a meditation. -Lindsay Krauss  

Rug hooking has long been known for its meditative powers. The act of pulling each loop could be compared to breathing in meditation. As you pull each loop you let go of your worries and fears and focus on clearing your mind.  Do not underestimate the healing powers of rug hooking.  Maybe the process of clearing your mind and relaxing IS what you are creating. You are working on yourself, your health and letting go.

We could all spend more time on our health and well-being. I, of all people, am the biggest culprit of putting aside myself for seemingly higher priorities.  But I find that if I do that for too long, somehow it rears its ugly head and forces me to take a break. I like the quote above.  It reminds me that we make time for the things that are important to us. And rug hooking is not just about creating art, but also about working on ourselves and making time to reflect inward.

And so, during weeks like this, I turn to meditation in the form of rug hooking.  One loop and the next.  One loop and the next. 

  • Post author
    Lindsay Krauss

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  • Sep 27, 2017

    This is really a nice article in which user came to know about the qualities of hand-knotted rugs

    — Arthur

  • Aug 17, 2017

    After my first three or four rugs were hanging or placed on the floor where I could admire them every day, a funny thing happened. I realized it wasn’t about finishing a rug and moving on to the next, it was the DOING, not the done. About 50 rugs later, I’m usually sad when a rug is finished. Once I mentioned this to another rug hooker, she looked at me like she couldn’t conceive of feeling this way. Rug hooking forces me to sit and think. When the summer months are over and the garden, the shop and the house guests are not demanding my time, I breathe deeply and pick up my hooking again. My happy place.

    — jeni

  • Aug 13, 2017

    I started meditating about a year ago and find it is a wonderful way to reconnect with my inner self…a way to appreciate who I am and the gifts I have been given in family and friends. Rug hooking is an art form that I find to be equally as rewarding. I’m thankful for the teachers and friends I’ve met along the way. Linda

    — Linda

  • Aug 12, 2017


    — Isabella McFarlin

  • Aug 05, 2017

    Technology really isn’t my thing…not sure why my comment posted twice, and that was not suppose to be a question mark, but a smiley face blowing you a kiss.

    — Pam kirk

  • Aug 05, 2017

    Linds, you are an amazing woman! And almost all the time we want to play with you ?

    — Pam Kirk

  • Aug 04, 2017

    YES, and we are all better for those moments of loop pulling, resulting in a visual reward which you did not anticipate along with a centering of self.

    — Susan Feller

  • Aug 04, 2017

    Well said, Lindsey. Needed to hear this today

    — Suzi Prather

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