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  • Live Blog from Sauder Village - Liz Marino Steals the Show!

Live Blog from Sauder Village - Liz Marino Steals the Show!

At long last!  You have waited all week for this moment – the exhibit at Sauder Village Rug Hooking week.  800 rugs.  Over 4 days.  50 celebration rugs. 6 special exhibits.  Over 5000 exhibit attendees.  This is one of the largest exhibits in the country.  The artwork is truly amazing, the exhibit walls read like a who's who of the rug hooking world. 

“Martellotti Family Picnic Circa 1928”
Liz Marino

This is a family portrait of  the Martellotti  family done in a sepia swatch.  Her use of value in creating texture in this piece is unsurpassed.  Look closely at the techniques used in creating the texture in the trees vs. the skin and especially the little girls legs.  To see another monochomitic piece done by Liz, check out the Tarot Card project – she did “The Lovers” in the same style.  Liz will also be teaching on this topic at Green Mountain Rug School in 2017.



“The Guardian”
Dana Psoinas

This is a piece that we got a sneak peak of in June when she attended Green Mountain Rug School. Every time you see it is just like the first time – this rug is awe inspiring.  It certainly falls in the category of realism but her style is very unique – you know a Dana Psoinas rug when you see it.  She is able to capture the soul in the eyes of the wolf and the girl, its haunting, in a good way.  And if you have the good fortune to meet Dana in person she is one of the kindest, most humble fiber artist’s despite her incredible talent.



“Sod House Near Broken Bow”
Sharon Townsend

There were many other “Nebraska” rugs in this series but this one caught oue eye.  Sharon’s masterful use and fusion of technique, color and value brings this rug to life.  The more time you spend in front of it, the more detail that presents itself.  You just can’t look away!



“Memories of Oak Point”
Trish Johnson

This is our favorite story rug from Paulette Hackman’s new book and it is even better in person.  There were a few architectural pieces by Trish Johnson in the show – each one better than the last - but this one packs 4 buildings into one rug and tells a story toboot!  Her lines are so perfect that you actually feel like the buildings are in front of you and the background adds a level intrigue to the piece.



“Mary Deer”
Barbara Hoffman

Reindeers with knobby knees - this rug had us in stiches!  This purely primitive piece reminds us that rug hooking is fun and whimsical!  It also doesn’t hurt that Barbara’s technique is perfect.  ‘Tis not the season, but we can’t wait until it is! 



Donna Hrkman

Donna Hrkman does it again!  She achieves the texture of a beard and the structure of the building simultaneously without skipping a beat.  The added detail of the non-linear top boarder immediately makes this piece one of a kind.



“Progress in the Mountains”
Susan Feller

The amount of purposeful creativity that went into this piece raises it to the level of Art.   Susan’s compositional choices and exceptional use of color make her a master of this craft.  The piece starts at the bottom with incredible detail and takes the viewer on a journey through the West Virginia mountains.  Notice the break in the tiny white line where the road meets the boarder.  This helps draw in and guide the viewer through the piece – a minor detail with a major impact.  We would be remiss if we didn’t also acknowledge her use of linear hooking, these subtleties in the mountains  help differentiate layers.  Susan’s unique style always leaving you wanting more!  Susan is also teaching at Green Mountain Rug School on this topic in 2017!



“Room with a View: Sea Cave, San Josef Bay, Vancouver Island”
Maia Levine

First off, the photo does not do this piece justice.  The artist creates the feeling of looking out to the point you feel like you almost might be.  Flat black and texture in the water creates the ominous feeling of being enclosed.  One can only image what lies beyond the mouth of the cave and is despite to see more.  Due to the interactive nature of this piece – I began to wonder why I was in this cave and how I got here.  This was one of our favorite piece in the show.


There were so many other great rugs in the exhibit and we wish we could talk about each one!  We are sad to say goodbye to Sauder after such a great week!  Until next year Sauder Rug Hooking Week!

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