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  • For all the ugly rugs out there...
  • Post author
    Lindsay Krauss

For all the ugly rugs out there...

This is a true story as told to me by Lynn Soule, North Hero, Vermont.

There once was an ugly rug...  its owner had no interest in finishing it.  It sat in a closet untouched and sad - crying over its colorless holes.

Until one day - its owner got so fed up with all her UFO's (unfinished objects) that she decided it was time to finish the ugly rug.  She put neon colors in its holes and called it a day.

Fast forward several months to the rug show.  She brought her rug, hoping it would sell as she was unsure where to put it in her house.  Upon entering the exhibit hall, the curator spotted it from a far and said "Everyone STOP and look at this rug! This rug is amazing!  This rug will be the focal point for the entire exhibit!"

The ugly rug's owner thought, "hmm, this lady must have had a few glasses of wine before coming", but continued on.  Now what to title her rug - only one named seemed fitting, she decided to call it "The Ugly Rug" and marked the price down from $500 to $400.

The exhibit opened the next morning and much to the owners surprise the first buyer of the day wanted to purchase her rug!  The buyer said "I usually haggle over prices but I see you have marked it down already.  I tell you what, if you tell me why you called it the Ugly Rug and document the story, I will pay the full asking price".  The owner agreed, thinking this was the deal of the century.

The moral of the story is that one mans ugly rug is another mans treasured artwork.  Photos of the rug and buyer below.


The Ugly Rug - Lynn Soule, North Hero, Vermont

I am hoping this will be an inspiration to you to finish your ugly rug. But, if you need a break from your ugly rug (as I did), try one of our kits below! We can guarantee it will come out looking fab and give your brain a break from the hard work of a UFO!


  • Post author
    Lindsay Krauss

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