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Rug School Memories

In honor of the many incredible Rug Schools held over the years,
we are compiling your favorite Rug School memories, moments and takeaways below. 

If you'd like to share your favorite remembrances of the event and have them featured here,
please email us at We would love to hear from you!

From H.E. Tivoli NY.

I have so many stories from Green Mountain that I could write a booklet.  Maybe a whole book.  Everything from sanitizing the dorm room, to watching noodles appear in the bathrooms as the week rolled along, rain coming down the stairs into the “dungeon”, someone yelling the sun is shining and running upstairs to find it gone, thinking we were seeing cows grazing up on the hill only to come to realize they were gravestones!!  That one really had me and Jennifer laughing.  What were we thinking.

 I truly treasure all those years.  I know there were those attendees who did not like the campus but for me it was special.  Opened eyes revealed so much.  I can only thank you and your family for all of that.  No other rug school was the same for me.  Nice ones where I learned a lot but they didn’t have that specialness.

Thanks, H.E.  We really miss seeing all of the wonderful friends we've met through the years!


Piper Rexford and Betsy Reed at Rug School 2018
From the class "Hooking Three Dimensional Objects". Pictured is Piper's palm tree doorstop.


I am missing Vermont and our journey to rug hooking camp. We'd be loading the car and getting ready to make our trek
up through Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and Ontario . Down through New York and into Vermont. Getting there a day early
to grab one of t
he carts to get all our stuff into our room before the rush. I will miss Nancy Blood and her suggestions to tilt the preception
of how in my brain I want the rug to look and the ability to just go over and buy a certain color, texture, tool from the rug store. I miss it all.

J.T. from Iowa


I will always love my memories of the 15 plus years I attended GREEN Mountain Rug School. I had the BEST of the BEST teachers.
I so enjoyed Anne and Jean and all their antics. I could go on and on about the teachers that were invited to teach there and my
memories and also the other students some of whom I stay in touch with.
Thanks for the memories.



For over 10 years I was privileged to attend fantastic classes with wonderful, super talented and inspirational teachers
who unearthed my passion for rug hooking and made me the rug hooker I am today. I will forever be grateful.
I remember the joy of driving up sometimes in the pouring rain to spend a week or two with people who shared the same passion.
I will also remember making friends and being so happy to reconnect year after year and making new friends each year and how
generous everyone was sharing a piece of wool, an experience, or advice. I will also remember the joy I felt each year being
at rug school and the laughter. Lord did we have some good laughs. I will forever be grateful to the entire Krauss family and their staff
for all they did for all of us each year and me personally for their affection. I always felt I was where I was supposed to be during rug school.
I will miss it so much and will cherish all memories forever.

F.E. from Connecticut


My introduction to rug school experiences began with a class at Green Mountain.
Ann suggested I enroll in a class with Marjorie Judson featuring pictorials.
The instruction was extraordinary and the beginning of many classes I enjoyed taking and teaching at Green Mountain.
Oh so many friends made and rugs hooked!

D.M. from Vermont


The iconic Vermont countryside nourished my sea-level, southern eyes on both my visits.
Ellen Banker helped me put music notes and words on my New Orleans rug.
Lisanne Miller helped me realize my vision for a rug of a block of shot-gun houses.
There were artists galore for study and assistance. I came home filled to the brim with what I had learned and all the wool I could stuff in my bags.
Thank you. Best wishes.

L.O. from Louisiana


I have such a sweet memories of the few camps I was lucky enough to attend. But one in particular really makes me smile . . .
I remember a day one June that was unseasonably cold. Everyone went to the shop and bought one of the used
Pendelton men's shirts to wear since very few of us had packed for anything but summer. I stood in the lunch line
watching rug hookers eye the wool in front of them as longingly as we all eye wool. By dinner it was an amazing sight.
There were sleeves and sections of fronts and back of shirts missing everywhere.
Beware of a group of rug hookers who always have scissors hanging around their necks!

D.B. from Vermont


My funniest memory of Rug School:  My first year was 2008 and I was still a newbie, didn't really know any one or the names of people or who they were. The first person I encountered was Amy Oxford and I asked her if she was a student! Found out later it was like asking the the Queen if she was part of the royal family! That year I attended a class on Color Planning.   Two of the students were Mary Jane Peabody and Sarah Jansen - we continued attending the rug school together until 2017, developing a lasting friendship. We had such fun and a whole lot of laughter.

Loved the Rug and Retreat, learned so much from the attendees and gained so many friends - just to name a few: Emmy Robertson, Francine Never, Debbie Palmer, Jen Lavoie, Karen Quigley, Susan Feller, Deb Smith, Joe Toubes, these and many, many more have become a part of my life that would never have happened without rug hooking and the Green Mt Rug School. Again, I thank you for allowing me to be a part of it.

I was sorry to hear the school was closing, but the memories will linger forever. Thank you and love to you all - stay healthy.

LCS, from Vermont


"Thank you for your continued efforts in supporting the rug hooking and fiber
community and for helping us keep our hands busy during these strange times."

O.A. from New York


"I have such fond memories – and oodles of photo albums – from the 13
years that I attended. It was always a special time for me and I cherish the
friends I made there. Thank you all for the hard work you put into keeping the
school going and continuing your family’s rug hooking heritage."

H.E.  from New York


"I want to thank you for all the wonderful years I was lucky enough to attend.
 Your mother would have been so proud of the way you continued her work. To all of you, thank you."

D.M.  from Delaware


"Green Mountain has been a source of enormous inspiration for me. I’ve
always been so impressed by how your entire family joined to create the
interesting workshops. I was always very appreciative and will miss it all very
much. Thank you so much. It was a gift."

J.M. from Massachusetts


"I have treasured my times at Green Mountain and hope that our paths will
cross in a better future."

N.A. from Athens, New York


"I’ve loved my time at Green Mountain both teaching and the last few years'
being a student. Thank you for all the work you have done over the years to
promote Rug Hooking (and Braiding) and I’ll be looking forward to seeing
what you do next and know that it will be different yet wonderful."

K.M.  from Vermont